Quartets with Xu Fengxia and Gunda Gottschalk  


  featuring: Günter Baby Sommer (drums) Le Quan Ninh (percussion) Akira Andao (bass) Barre Philips (bass)


  Xu Fengxia sometimes also works in quartet contexts with Gunda Gottschalk. The music performed by those quartets is completely improvised. To the left you can see a quartet consisting of Xu Fengxia, Gunda Gottschalk, Barre Philips and Le Quan Ninh. They played at the "Klangzeit" Festival in Muenster. Another successful concert could be heard by a quartet with Baby Sommer (drums) Barre Philips (bass) Gunda Gottschalk (violin) and Xu Fengxia. The picture above was taken at the Moers festival 2008. Those quartets are very interesting because they feature the experience of several generations. Barre Philips already played improvised music on his bass, when Gunda of Xu were not even born yet. Baby Sommer used to be the leading drummer of the GDR in the seventies already.

The Website ofLe Quan Ninh, a fantastic percussionist from France.





An excerpt from the concert in Muenster.