Something from the Solo Repertoire of Xu Fengxia

1. Plum Blossom (classical Chinese music, adaptation by Xu Fengxia) This piece with a three part rondo structure was originally written for bamboo flute. It was composed in the time of Jin-dynasty (265-316). The Chinese plum is blossoming in the snow. It`s absolutely wintertight and symbolizes „of a noble kind- calm and laid back“

2. Blue Sky, White Clouds, Green Grassland (Mongolian folksong, adaptation by Xu Fengxia) Describes Mongolia`s typical landscape and features some beautiful singing of Xu Fengxia.

3. Towing a boat across the Yellow River (by Xu Fengxia) Inspired by traditional music from China`s northwestern province Sha`nxi. The raftsmen towed the boats across the river just by using their hands, which was a hard and dangerous job.

4. Wild Geese flying South (Xu Fengxia) Xu Fengxia`s composition describes beautiful and also frightsome moments in the life of wild geese. This music also reflects her own memories- joy as well as disappointment. This song features some mongolian style overtone singing.

5. Dance of Dragon and Phoenix (Xu Fengxia) Dragon and Phoenix are dancing when air is dancing, f.e. Leaves being whirled up by a storm, a rainbow in the air, also when wind instruments are playing....

6. Yang Guan Farewell Song (classical Chinese music) Written in Song dynasty. „Yang Guan“ was one of Xian`s city gates. The writer of this poem bid a very good friend farewell. This friend was sent to China`s Wild West. This city was the point of departure. Xu Fengxia uses a special singing style- the classical form of a poem recitation.

7. Concubines in the Inner Court (Xu Fengxia) In this original composition Xu Fengxia adapts some Peking opera singing. This song tells about all the young ladies sitting in the imperial palace- the Forbidden City-and waiting for their husband to come. But because there were so many of them they waited in vain most of the time.

8. Sleep well, little Child (traditional) A Lullaby from Northwest China.

9. Bao Yu`s rendezvous with Dai Yu The lyrics are based on an episode from China`s most famous novel, the "Dream of Red Mansion". Bao Yu is secretly meeting with his girlfriend Dai Yu- it´s almost like Romeo and Juliet. Xu Fengxia uses the singing style that is typical of the city of Suzhou, the "Pingtan" : a kind of recitativo which was used by storytellers coming to the tea houses. In most cases the Pingtan singing is accomponied by the sanxian (an instrument with three strings that sounds like a banjo sometimes and which Xu also masters). For most of her solo concerts Xu uses the guzheng to accompany.

Many of those compositions can be found on the Solo CD "Borderless Songs".

Xu Fengxia playing the Sanxian at a soloconcert in Bologna July 2008. Xu Fengxia solo in Hameln 2007.
Xu Fengxia solo at Dringenberg castle.